How To Choose Wedding Hairstylists in Lancashire


Belle Ame are wedding hairstylists in Lancashire

 Are you having your “big day” in Lancashire and wondering how to choose wedding hairstylists? Our Belle Ame Lancaster hairdressers have put their heads together to give you a few things to consider. First things first, you need to make sure that your preferred candidates not only have an excellent reputation as hairdressers, but also have essential wedding hair experience.  

What can you expect from wedding hairstylists?

Choosing the right wedding hairstylist is as critical a part of your decision-making as choosing your make-up and dress, as all of this comes together on the day to create your dream look.

Your chosen hair expert can greatly enhance your wedding day experience by creating a beautiful hairstyle that fits your theme and overall bridal vision. They have the expertise to work with various hair textures and will use the right products for your hair, so that you look amazing in photographs. They will also help you to find a flattering style for your hair type and face shape. They understand how different hairstyles behave in various weather conditions and can make adjustments accordingly, to ensure everything stays in its place.

Planning the “big day” can be stressful, and having a professional wedding hairdresser can alleviate some of that stress. They will handle all the details related to your hair, from the initial consultation to the trial session and finally, the wedding day styling. This allows you to relax and enjoy the process. Furthermore, you can choose to have various bridal hairdressers on hand, so that all of your most important guests are also taken care of.

In summary, wedding hairstylists will be an invaluable asset helping you look and feel your best on one of the most important days of your life. Their expertise, personalised service, and attention to detail can make all the difference in creating the perfect bridal look that you’ll cherish for years to come.

What are some of the most popular wedding hairstyles?

Wedding hairstyles vary widely depending on factors such as personal style, hair length, and the overall theme of the wedding. However, some classic and popular wedding hairstyles include:

• Classic Updo: A timeless and elegant choice. It involves gathering the hair into a bun, chignon, or twist at the back or top of the head and is often decorated with accessories like flowers, pearls, or jeweled pins.

• Half-Up Half-Down: This versatile hairstyle combines the elegance of an updo with the softness of flowing locks. A section of hair is pinned up while the rest cascades down in loose curls or waves, creating a romantic and feminine look.

• Vintage-Inspired Styles: Vintage hairstyles from different eras, such as retro curls, victory rolls, and glamorous Hollywood waves, continue to be popular choices for brides seeking a touch of nostalgia and old-world charm.

• Messy Bun: Perfect for bohemian or rustic-themed weddings, tousled strands and loose tendrils add movement to this relaxed yet romantic hairstyle.

• Ponytail: Chic and modern, the bridal ponytail is a stylish alternative to traditional updos. Whether styled high or low, sleek or voluminous, ponytails can be customised to suit various wedding styles and hair types.

There are many more styles that Belle Ame’s wedding hairstylists can recommend. All of this will be discussed during your initial consultation.

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Wedding hairstylists, Lancaster

If you’re looking for bridal hair salons in Lancaster that offer wedding hairstylists, make sure you give our team a call! We have hairdressers who are highly experienced in wedding hair and can truly enhance your special day through their expertise and good vibes. If you check our online Google reviews, you’ll also see the incredible 4.9 score we enjoy across 160 reviews.

Whether you’re looking for a popular wedding hairstyle, like a classic up-do – or something completely creative and original – it’s important you get it just right! We can tailor your hair – as well as that of your guests – to your unique preferences.

Can Belle Ame’s wedding hairstylists also offer bridal hair services to the mother of the bride, mother of the groom, bridesmaids and flower girls?

Yes of course! The Belle Ame team can manage all of your wedding hair requirements, as long as this is booked and planned well in advance. Our Lancaster hairdressers can act as your bridal hair services team, whether you choose to come into the salon on Penny Street – or need us to travel off-site.

On your wedding day, you deserve to feel pampered and special. You also want to know that the mothers of the bride and groom, the bridesmaids and flower girls are all going to look their absolute best for your once-in-a-lifetime photos. Hiring our Belle Ame wedding hairstylists means that you can sit back and enjoy being pampered, relaxed in the knowledge that we are also working our magic on your wedding party guests.

Why not book a consultation with us today to discuss your requirements and for us to help you with your vision, bridal hair ideas, and any specific requirements you may have?

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