Top 3 tips for freshen your blonde for summer ?


Blondes are definitely getting warmer as we approach the summer months and curtain bangs are still a huge trend they’re such an easy and effortless way to freshen up your look as they suit any face shape and can be cut into short or longer hair??‍♀️

 Being blonde you’ll know we are moving towards more of the warmer honey, sandy blondes all over the hair from the roots to the ends. Framing the face with lighter, subtle baby-lights can just add a fresh pop to your colour and frame your face beautifully☺️

 What is a root smudge? 

A route smudge involves applying a darker colour close to the routes and then smudging it into the shaft of the hair. This creates a softer transition between the root and the lightened hair giving it more dimension and making your blonde brighter⭐️