Prep & Style


Creating a solid hair care routine isn’t easy…

There are so many things to keep in mind, what am I trying to achieve? how would I like to style my hair for the week ? How can I make the style last? ?

here is what you need to do…??

▫️start off with a scalp mask or detox to remove any buildup. The Natulique scalp and skin therapy would be amazing for this. Then followed by a deep condition to hydrate thirsty locks and boost shine. I would highly recommend the Wella WeDo/ rich & repair mask for ultimate hydration.

▫️Your scalp is the cause of common concerns like dandruff, hair breakage, excessive grime, and buildup. Treat your scalp to a massage, there are plenty of tools out there to help with this. This will boost blood circulation and hair growth …perfect.

▫️Always make sure to always dry your hair. NEVER SLEEP ON WET HAIR. If you do so this can actually cause more damage & breakage. When drying use a heat protector the GHD body guard spray is a total god send along with the milkshake blow dry primer! This will ensure your hair is prepped and will totally last all week.

▫️If you struggle to make your blowout last consider a silk bonnet. Silk bonnets are a life saver, it’ll keep your blowout looking perfect for the next couple of days?

▫️ To top off your new prep & style routine, why don’t you try the Osis+ sparkler? With a few spritz this will make your hair ultra shiny.

If you would like us to put to together a bespoke prep & style package personalised to you, feel free to pop in and see us ☺️