Journey to blonde hair… ??‍♀️

Achieving the perfect blonde takes time, maintenance and patience..

Blonde maintenance begins before the hair is coloured, it’s important that us the stylist and you know how committed you are to follow up appointments, So we can tailor our technique accordingly.

Time and patience, If your hair is naturally dark or have been box dying your hair it does take a few sessions before getting blonde blonde. You have to start at the other side it’s a gradual process you’ll start off with warmer tones and then over your next appointments whilst looking after your hair you’ll hopefully start getting the desired look you want.
There are different types of techniques we use to make sure you get the perfect blonde:

  • Highlights
  • Scalp application bleach
  • Balayage
  • Baby lights

Highlights & Baby Lights;
Highlights we weave and take each section and colour as close to the root, It can be lifted one or two shades for subtle brightening or we can use a full head to create a dramatic blonde transformation, Clients would need to book back in within 8-10 Weeks
Baby lights are micro fine highlights. Think soft, sun kissed, seamless clients can enjoy this look up to 12 weeks before needing to head back for a top up.

Scalp Application;
Visible regrowth can start to show quicker on brunettes compared to if they have a naturally lighter starting point. To keep up with the fresh blonde look from roots to ends clients would need to come back every four to six weeks.

Balayage is this years most popular go to colour!
It isn’t just for blondes, it’s the dreamiest technique for adding sun kissed ribbons to dark bases.
With the highlights starting an inch or two down from the roots resulting in the lowest maintenance colour. Clients can come in for a gloss or toner to freshen up there colour in between appointments. Perfect for people who can’t commit to regular root touch ups you can come in every three to four months.

Using the correct after care will also make your blonde/colour last longer you can speak to your stylist on the best products to use.

Happy hair days???‍♀️✨