How To Talk To Your Hairdresser To Get The Colour You Want


Belle Ame hair stylist talking with a client whilst doing their hair.

Wondering how to talk to your hairdresser to get the colour you want? Even though we pride ourselves on our listening skills here at Belle Ame, we thought we’d share some tips on how to get the best results.

Isn’t it just the best when you get to that point with your stylist where you totally trust them? That kind of relationship takes a little time though – as well as some great communication from both of you.

Book A Hair Consultation

If you are new to our Lancaster hair salon, or are currently a client but with dreams of making big changes, then we would always encourage you to call ahead and book a hair consultation. This allows us to talk to you about whether we think your ideas will be a good fit, how we can help you to achieve those dream looks and what the rough cost might be. It also means that we can carry out a skin test if we need to.

Bring Hair Inspiration Photos

We absolutely love it when you bring hair inspiration photos. Hairdressers are visual people, so seeing images of what colour or cut you want makes it much easier for us than you trying to explain it. With a photo, both of us are looking at the same thing and so can be on the same page about whether it’s possible or not.

Whether you choose a standard colouring service or balayage, it might be hard for you to explain in words that you want a cooler, icy blonde instead of a warmer, golden tone. This is where a photo comes in handy, as you can show your colourist exactly what your goals are. Our balayage service is particularly popular because we can achieve beautiful and bespoke colour results for our clients and it’s really helpful to have a visual prompt of what you’re trying to achieve.

Keep Your Own Hair Colour And Texture In Mind

When choosing a new look for yourself and selecting photos, it’s important for you to keep your own hair colour and texture in mind. For instance, blonde hair usually shows more details of a cut than brunette or black hair does. If you’re showing us a particular tint, but it’s not styled in the way that you would normally style your hair, then this needs to be taken into consideration as well.

We’re always here for you to ask questions and advice, so don’t be afraid to give us a call or pop by our salon in Penny Street to organise an appointment.