How To Take Care Of Your Hair

(Autumn / Winter Edition)


Young woman with long, wavy brown hair. How to care for your hair blog post by Belle Ame hairdressers Lancaster.

It’s important to understand how to take care of your hair through the seasons. Whilst you may be ready to pull out the fluffy jumpers and scarves, the change in season also requires some changes to be made to your hair care routine. The drop in temperature brings dry and cold air, which can often cause frizzy, brittle hair. Here are our top hair care tips to keep your hair healthy and looking fabulous through Autumn and Winter.

Take care of your hair through moisturising

Your hair needs moisture to stay shiny and healthy. At our Belle Ame hair salon in Lancaster, we love using the moisture plus range by milk_shake. If you wash your hair every day, you can strip it of the natural essential oils it needs to stay healthy. Our hair washing tip would be to wash every other day at a cooler temperature, and if your hair is prone to greasiness, try using a dry shampoo before you brush it in the morning. Dry shampoo is also a great way of adding volume and texture. You can also add moisture by using a leave-in conditioner. Milk_shake’s milk product is amazing as it really does leave your hair silky smooth. We recommend that you use a normal conditioner and wash with cold water to seal the cuticle (which promotes shine). Simply apply the milk product before styling.

Trimming damaged hair

Autumn is the perfect time for trimming damaged hair. Or even to have a big chop, as a way of getting rid of any of the damage that summer might have caused. Keep in mind your face shape when deciding on a new hairstyle. You may want to chop off quite a lot and get a bob-length haircut, or just have a simple trim as a bit of maintenance.

Autumn hair colours – what should I choose?

With the leaves changing into pretty colours, it’s easy to be tempted to try a new hair colour with a new season. Autumn brings us fresh colours & styles from cinnamon, caramels, chestnuts to choppy cuts, soft shags & cropped bobs. It’s a great time to bring some warm colours into your hair with highlights, or why not try going to a darker shade? You may be tempted to try a copper balayage colour or even a rich brown. When deciding what to choose with autumn hair colours though, just bear in mind that the summer months will swing round at some point and you need to discuss the versatility of your new hair colour if you’re someone who likes changing it a lot.

The benefits of using a hair mask

Aside from switching your shampoo to something a little more nourishing, there are many benefits of using a hair mask during the colder months. It is the perfect self-care treat, whilst giving your locks some added love as it soothes and protects your tresses from the cold elements. Apply the mask and leave it on for a few minutes, then rinse your hair thoroughly. The result will be softer, shinier and deeply hydrated hair that resists autumn’s elements. Our Belle Ame hairdressers can recommend Wella’s Intense Repair Hair Mask that “repairs damaged hair by penetrating deeply into each hair strand and restoring strength, leaving locks conditioned, smooth and resilient.” This mask is a must-have for those who want hair that’s healthy & revitalised.

Can vitamins help you take care of your hair?

Sunny days are far and few between in the autumn, further lessening into the winter months. This means that your Vitamin D levels can take a drastic drop. If you’re wondering whether vitamins can help you take care of your hair, be aware that vitamin D is essential to healthy hair growth. You can buy a supplement containing it, if you feel that you need it – or eating Vitamin D rich foods, such as salmon and mackerel, can also help. The most famous and commonly heard of B-vitamin is Biotin. The use of biotin for hair loss is very popular as it is found in almost all hair growth supplements and is a well-known anti-hair fall agent.

How to help a dry scalp in winter

Flaky/itchy scalps become increasingly common in the colder months. This is due to a number of factors, like changes to diet, increased stress levels and a chillier climate. Apart from being annoying, dandruff is also known to trigger hair loss, which is why it is important to clear it as soon as possible. To help a dry scalp in winter and rid it of flakes, you can use a clarifying shampoo, as well as a moisturising shampoo, to create the perfect balance. Your scalp will thank you for it and feel refreshed and healthy. The condition of your scalp is very important for healthy hair.

At our Belle Ame Lancaster salon we stock a great many fantastic products that can help you take care of your hair through the changing seasons. You’ll find us at 91 Penny Street – why not pop by and ask us what we can recommend for your particular needs?