How to maintain your colour ??‍♀️


How to maintain your colour??‍♀️
Maintaining your colour for as long as possible and keeping your hair feeling healthy and glossy can be a difficult task. We have put together a guide to keep your hair silky shiny and full of colour✨
1. Anti oxidant shampoo?
This shampoo is perfect for fighting fading toners and rich colours, using the right kind of shampoo is key to healthy hair. Not only will it help lock your colour in for longer it will also leave your hair with a smooth, high-shine finish ?
2. Water temperature ?
When it comes to heat you’ve got to be gentle with your hair, Whether blowdrying, curling or straightening, heat can cause hair to become dry and sensitised. In terms of your hair colour  this can leave your colour feeling dull and lifeless. Make sure to be using warm water not hot and don’t forget heat protection?
3. Hair Masks??‍♀️
Hair masks and conditioners are essential for keeping your locks healthy and colour vibrant. Not only are they extremely nourishing but you can also get colour depositing masks. Colour depositing masks are great for a weekly refresh between your hair appointments. use your mask once a week to keep hair feeling refreshed?