Home care for your copper hair


Wanting to keep your salon worthy vibrancy in between your appointments? Here are some tips from us to you to help you maintain your colour before we see you again?

Vibrant hair if not cared for can fade but we want you to have the best hair you can!

Here are a few tips and different products we recommend….

Tip number one
Maintenance appointments These can be booked in between your colour appointments. Toners are a great way to boost your faded coppers in between your next appointment and take half the time, not to mention the shine✨ who doesn’t want shiny hair all year round?

Tip number two
Colour enhancing shampoo and conditioner
One of our salon favourites is the “infuse my colour” range. Bringing the salon home to you in a bottle! This product refreshes and revives coloured hair.
We have different colours available such as
– Gold shampoo and conditioner
– Copper shampoo and conditioner
– Quartz shampoo and conditioner
We stock not just one but all three colours so we can tend to all your needs

Tip number three
Colour depositing masks
One of our salon favourites are the “Wella colour fresh masks” These are designed for weekly use and results show in ten minutes. Just 10 minutes! Making this an easy way to look after your colour while carry on with your day to day life from home.
We stock these masks in multiple colours such as: rose blaze, lilac frost, golden gloss and many more.

Tip number four
Colour save shampoo
Fight the fade of your colour with a protecting shampoo. One of our salons favourites is the “milkshake colour care” colour maintenance shampoo and conditioner. This product hydrates and protects colour-treated hair. Ask in salon about our Milkshake gift sets for discounted products on selective ranges ?

Unsure which products are best for you? Pop in for a chat or ask your stylist on your next appointment ?