Hair Trends To Check Out Now!

 We have been doing our research for you and have found out the best hair trends that are taking over 2022 …

“The modern beehive” ?
Definition: a classic hairstyle with a modern twist, featuring looser textures that keep the hair soft, whilst maintaining enough volume to appear luxurious. With an elevated crown area and chunky face framing pieces, this look is sure to turn heads in ‘22.

“The mixie” ??‍♀️
Who would have thought the ‘80s dominating mullet would ever be back in style? It did last year, and in 2022 it gets even chicer ?…
the past and present looks combine by creating the modern cut that will work on straight, wavy and curly hairstyles, a pixie with longer edges on the fringe sides and a trim above the nape area.
We are HERE for this ?? Do you dare to try?

“The Italian bob” ??
The bob ain’t going no where in ‘22!
Definition: a full bodied short haircut at a neck grazing length meaning it’s long enough to tie up yet short enough to look edgy, with subtle layers for thickness.
Rock this haircut with a centre parting or effortlessly off centre …

“The full-bodied blowout” ??‍♀️
Glossy blow outs spell classic glam. And we are here for it. A timeless hairstyle that never goes out of fashion, and we are welcoming it with open arms into this year. Whether this is loads of volume or long loose curls or beach waves, each style defines expensive… try this with a deep side part, adding extra volume to the mane. ✨

All of these look promising and we CANNOT wait to try them all!