Hair Trends 2024 -We unveil some of the hottest hair trends for this year!


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Wanting to elevate your mane game this year and make a statement by following the hair trends 2024? The team in our Lancaster hair salon are here for you and have put together this guide of must-try hairstyles, hair colours and habits. Stay ahead of the curve with our breakdown of what is set to dominate the hair scene in 2024.  

What are the hair trends 2024 in a nutshell?

Bobs, hair ribbons, buttery blondes, cherry reds and copper tones, a focus on effortless styling and the concept of holistic hair health.

The Bob resurfaces again as one of 2024’s hair trends, but with a difference…

Whether it’s called the Italian Bob in Glamour Magazine or the Baroque Bob elsewhere, the bob is getting an injection of old Hollywood chic and has been seen on the likes of Zendaya. Think a little more volume, some curls and a cut around the collarbone.

Who What Wear also showcase a Mini Bob, that can be adapted to look softer or sharper dependent on preference and is cut around the jawline.

One of this year’s hair trends is “effortless styling” – what does that mean exactly?

Effortless styling promotes low-maintenance layers for a natural look. Hassle-free styling is great for several reasons:
* It allows for a simplified and efficient daily routine, saving time and effort.
* Low-maintenance hairstyles can often withstand the challenges of a busy lifestyle, requiring minimal touch-ups throughout the day.
* It reduces the need for excessive heat styling and product use, promoting healthier hair in the long run.

With minimal styling, individuals can enjoy a put-together appearance without the constant need for elaborate grooming. This makes it a practical and sustainable choice for those with busy schedules.

What is trending in 2024 for hair colour?

Buttery blonde is making a triumphant return! This soft, warm hue brings a touch of sunshine to your locks, adding a luscious, golden glow. This is a warmer look opposed to the creamy blonde we have all been loving through 2023.

Cherry reds will also take centre stage this year, as will copper shades.

#blueblackhair has reached multimillion views on TikTok, which means that there is growing interest in the trend of deep brunette or black hair infused with a touch of blue.

If you’re curious about balayage and how it can help you achieve your desired hair colour, take a look at our ultimate balayage guide here.

Why have hair ribbons made it into the list for hair trends 2024?

Hair ribbons add a touch of timeless elegance and versatility to hairstyles. They effortlessly elevate a look, providing a charming and feminine accent. The incredible variety of colours, textures and styles available for hair ribbons offers endless possibilities for creativity. It allows individuals to express their unique personality through their hairstyles. Whether used to tie a ponytail, wrap a braid, or adorn an updo, these simple accessories have a remarkable ability to transform and enhance hair aesthetics with a subtle yet impactful touch.

Tips for how to embrace holistic hair health – the last of our hair trends 2024

Finally, holistic hair health means adopting healthy habits that contribute to a sustainable and long-term improvement in the vitality of your hair. It is crucial as it recognises that your overall well-being affects the condition of your hair. Taking a holistic approach involves:
* Eating a healthy diet
* Managing your stress levels
* Looking after your scalp
* Reducing the impact of heat on your hair
* Watching the ingredients in your haircare products

EXCLUSIVE NEWS! At Belle Ame we have a passion for sustainability and are launching some new products in February 2024 that we know our clients will absolutely love. Watch this space as we start working with a fantastic B-Corp company, synonymous with beauty and sustainability, that prioritises ingredients from natural origin. We will be the first hair salon in Lancaster to offer these products and you will be able to buy them exclusively from us. 

By addressing all aspects of holistic hair health, you not only promote stronger, shinier hair but also support your body’s overall health.

So which of these hair trends will you embrace in 2024?

If you are new to our Belle Ame Lancaster hair salon, or are currently a client but with dreams of making big changes, why not pop in for a hair consultation? This helps us to talk things through with you and to plan how we can help you to achieve those dream looks. It also means that we can carry out a skin test if we need to.

We pride ourselves on our creativity and love nothing more than our clients bouncing out of our salon feeling happy and beautiful.

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