Autumn Hair Trends


As the seasons change so do hair trends, bright blondes tend to tone down and warmer tones become more popular. Choosing the right colour for you can be challenging and helping guide you in the right direction is our job here at Belle ame. Here are some of the trends this autumn

Beginning with coppers…. Red and copper hair colours are more versatile than you would think, there are so many shades out there! We offer different specific shades to suit every skin tone.
Strawberry blonde and peachy coppers compliment a fair skin tone too well, while rich auburns and bright gingers suit light skin tones. These colours can be as subtle or as vibrant as you like??

For medium skin tones deeper reds and vibrant reds suit sooo well…

And finally darker skin tones, red shades such as cherry cola compliment the skin tone very well❤️‍?