Autumn Hair Trends 2023


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Want to know the Autumn Hair Trends 2023? This season we’re going to see a variety of different looks and these are our top 3.

Autumn Hair Colour Trend: Espresso Brunette

A personal favourite, espresso brown is a coffee-coloured hue that combines notes of brown and black that come together to create a cool-toned masterpiece. This is a stunning option for anyone who wants to take a walk on the dark side. Espresso colour will add the right amount of depth to your strands for an elevated rich and glossy look. Click here to refer to our colour packages.

Autumn Hairstyle Trend: Heir Hair

The ‘old money’ and ‘quiet luxury’ trend is what we’ve been seeing loads of recently. This translates into extra long and super thick hair, that effortlessly falls in soft waves, often complimented by a headband or a bow. This naturally voluminous shape can work on any healthy-looking, lustrous hair colour. It’s about avoiding too much structure and so fringes should look soft to complement the rest of the hair.

Autumn Hair Trend: Curls, Curls, Curls!

More and more of you are coming in and wanting to embrace your natural beauty and there are so many different styles available for curly haired girls. You don’t need to stick to the “norms” – why not go for choppy layers, blunt bobs, wolf cuts or full fringes if you feel like it? Find the right cut for you and you’ll begin that journey to loving your curls and embracing your inner beauty.

How To Care For Autumn Hair

We know that it can be uncomfortable to let your hair air-dry during the cold autumn and winter months. If you do choose to use a hairdryer and can’t go a day without your hair straightener or curling wand, we won’t judge ☺. However, by allowing your hair to dry naturally, you help it to retain moisture and you protect it from the potential damage from heated styling tools. The number one rule, if you are going to use heat on your hair, is to use heat protection. This will help smooth your hair and retain its moisture. At Belle Ame Lancaster, we love the ghd range for longer lasting styling and protection.

Hair oil will protect your hair and add a glossy sheen making your hair truly radiate during the colder seasons. When it comes to your precious locks, every season has its challenges. In summer, you have to deal with the sun and sea and in the autumn it’s the nippy dry air that you have to contend with. The good news is that you don’t have to become a victim of the elements. With a tweak to your usual haircare routine and the right premium quality products at your disposal, you can have fabulous hair all year round!

We offer a number of fantastic hair products at our Belle Ame hair salon in Penny Street – why not pop in and ask us what we recommend for your hair? Or even better…book yourself in for a hair treatment?