Amazon Keratin Grape

amazon grape keratin treatment



Amazon Keratin Grape Treatment ?


At Belle Ame, we’re passionate about hair care and are always on the lookout for new and exciting hair treatments. We’ve had so many questions about Amazon Keratin Grape recently with clients wanting to know what does it do and how will it benefit me ? 

? This treatment is designed for most hair types giving the most outstanding results, leaving the hair in perfect condition.

? The keratin treatment does not chemically straighten hair but smoothes and removes frizz, adds shine and leaves your hair feeling much healthier and easier to manage.

? The treatment can also be used on coloured, highlighted or previously straightened hair.


This treatment will last you up to 6 months with the right aftercare.


* We recommend using a keratin based shampoo and conditioner such as L’Oréal Liss unlimited shampoo & conditioner

* Don’t tie, clip up or touch your hair for the first 24 hours

* Try to avoid getting your hair hair wet for the first 48 hours


If this sounds like something you may want to know more about why don’t you give us a call on 01524 67000 and book your consultation in our Lancaster hair salon now. Or contact us here.