3 Tips For Postpartum Hair Loss

While hair isn’t the most important thing to think about during this busy time of life, unfortunately the truth is that many new mums experience postpartum hair loss. We’re talking hair falling out in clumps! While postpartum hair loss is totally normal, I know how stressful experiencing hair loss after birth is, especially with all the other changes happening with you and your new bundle of joy! Here are some tips and support in this new chapter of your life.

Don’t Panic
Your full locks will return to normal when your body’s hormones have settled down (anywhere from 6 – 18 months)

  • Eat Well
    Your hair follicles need a certain amount of vitamins and minerals in order to grow new hair efficiently and recover from postpartum hair loss. The best way to get those vitamins and minerals is to eat a varied diet that includes plenty of protein, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats.
  • Take Your Vitamins
    You’re a busy new mum – we get it! It’s not always easy to get your daily dose of veggies when you’re taking care of a newborn. That’s why we recommend taking:
    Vitamin B12
    Vitamin D
    for treating postpartum hair loss! to regrow your hair following postpartum hair loss. We recommend to get the go-ahead from your doctor before taking any supplements to treat postpartum hair fall. However, it’s quite normal for new mums to take supplements.
  • Change Your Product Line
    There are so many hair loss treatments on the market. Our favourite is Nioxin by Wella.

With 30 years of expertise in thinning hair, Nioxin’s products are designed to give you a healthy scalp, because it gives your hair the best possible foundation from which to grow. Just like the health and look of your skin is dependent on using the right products and cleansers, the look of your hair is going to significantly improve if you’re properly caring for your scalp. Please get in contact with us if you’d like more details on Nioxin.

Thank you for reading and I hope this helps! We’re all in it together.
Lauren x